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Which ND Filter to Buy to Create Awesome YouTube Videos

Which ND Filter to BuyAre you having a hard time with trying to figure out which ND filter to buy for creating and enhancing your YouTube video content to take your channel to the next level? With so many different ND filters available, it can be difficult choosing the one that is best for your camera and video recording needs. What if you choose the wrong one? What should you look for in an ND filter? How do you know which ones stand apart from the rest?

It is understandable to be cautious when making a final selection. You do not want the disappointment of money wasted! Below is a list of four exquisite ND Filters to think about purchasing. You can learn about why they would work well for filming and YouTube along with features they can offer you.

Top 4 ND Filters to Consider Buying for Filming and YouTube

  1. Hoya 77mm ND400x HMC Filter

Hoya 77mm ND400x HMC FilterIf you want to know what ND filter to purchase for photographing and recording fast-moving objects, this ND filter is the one to go with. It has the capability of being able to use slow shutter speed functions in order to catch fast moving objects like cars, waterfalls, and clouds in order to prevent blurring in photos and high-speed films. This is great for creating YouTube videos since it helps your DSLR or 4k camera catch fast moving objects in the background without losing focus on the subject. It also has other great additional features.

  • Multi-coated for flare and ghosting reduction
  • Separates subjects from backgrounds by decreasing field depth
  • Decrease the effective ISO of high-speed film
  • Wider apertures

They are handy when creating video content out in bright and sunny situations.

  1. Hoya 72mm Neutral Density ND-400 X

Hoya 72mm Neutral Density ND-400 XHave you not been able to capture movements because of fixed shutter speeds? You might have experienced this when filming with cine, video, or any other kind of camera that takes rapid sequences of photographs on a film. When wondering what ND filter to buy to prevent this, this filter is a good choice. It was designed to be able to withstand elements that would normally cause overexposure on these cameras. Meaning, cameras with fixed shutter speeds can capture elements like sand, brightness, and snow. This kind of adaptability is crucial for YouTube video vlogging when venturing outside in different environments and weather is necessary. It can offer more for you.

  • Gray coloring to reduce light amount reaching the film
  • Functional in bright situations
  • Separate subjects and backgrounds


  1. 82mm X2 ND 3-stop, MRC8

82mm X2 ND 3-stop, MRC8Imagine filming your newest YouTube video and discovering that not only did the image quality come out with reduced sharpness, low-contrast, and flares but also had gotten dirt smeared in the filter. Your time was wasted, the video has to be redone and now you have to spend money on a new filter. Invest your money in the 82mm X2 ND 3-stop, MRC8 when selecting an ND filter. This filter has so much more to offer too!

  • Nano coating layer for repelling elements like dirt and water when filming out in the field
  • Coating also eliminates problems like poor contrasting and sharpness
  • Increases optical performance during longer environmental exposure when you are filming outdoors
  • The MRC8 is harder than glass and serves as a scratch resistant layer for ultimate protection against elements


  1. X2 Neutral Density, MRC8

X2 Neutral Density, MRC8Another filter to consider when choosing an ND filter to purchase is the X2 Neutral Density, MRC8. This filter is very similar to 82mm X2 ND 3-stop, MRC8. It specializes in color neutrality and is designed to give a sharp performance by eliminating annoying nuisances like glares and scratches, very important for recording video content for YouTube. You can enjoy the ability to control the color cast and more.

  • Weather-sealed traction frame to keep the filter clean
  • Double threaded traction frame for countering vignetting on multiple frame setups
  • Reflection absorption instead of reflected into the lens
  • Nanotechnology for coating later to bead elements instead of absorbing

Overall, the can withstand any harsh weather. Also, the X2 Neutral Density, MRC8 is available in multiple varieties to accommodate the versatile needs you may have.

Make the Best Choice for You

There are a lot of things to consider when buying an ND filter. These qualities include weather protection, glare-eliminating and color control features. The four listed filters are smart choices to choose from.

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