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Best Stabilizer for GoPro- 7 Best GoPro Gimbals in 2017 Reviews

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The best stabilizer for GoPro is quintessential for your videos. You see, as cameras get more compact and lightweight they also become jittery. Consequently, videos become more susceptible to shakes and blurs. This problem is more pronounced in GoPro cameras that are best for recording action. Worry not, though. That’s where the best GoPro gimbals 2017 come in.

How do camera stabilizers work?

For the uninitiated, handheld gimbals work in the same way as drones and game controllers. These units combine hi-tech electronics, sensors, motors, and physics to cancel out unwanted external movement. Simply put, handheld stabilizers separate the camera from your body. They hold the camera floating in the air. This way, they can record smooth videos without much fuss. So you can freely run down the hallways and up the stairs chasing celebrities.


best steadicam buyiing guide

Best Stabilizer for GoPro Buying Guide

Camera stabilizers aren’t things that you just purchase on a whim. So how do you pick the best GoPro stabilizer for the job?


First, understand the types of GoPro Stabilizers

In your search for the best camera stabilizer for GoPro, you’ll have to choose between 2 types

  • Electric/Motorized
  • Mechanical/ Non-motorized


Electric/Motorized Stabilizers

As the name suggests, these models use built-in electric motors to stabilize your videos. Their key selling point is that they have a friendlier learning curve. You could be shooting your videos with in minutes after getting it out of the box. That said, they are the best GoPro stabilizers for beginners. You see, electric stabilizers only require you to frame the shots. After that, they take over the role of maintaining a smooth level shooting.

On the flip side, electric stabilizers require regular monitoring since the tilt angle may change anytime especially when shooting a moving object. Again, you’ll have to keep an eye on the battery level. Worse yet, motorized stabilizers tend to be very heavy and a bit hard to hold for lengthy periods.


Mechanical stabilizers

Non-motorized GoPro stabilizers use gravity to keep videos stable. This feature alone blows the electric units out of the water. With these models, you have better control of the camera’s subtle movement. Unlike in electronic stabilizers that are a tad hard to deviate from the preset angles. So, they are able to follow your objects in all turns.

Their major drawback is that they require a thorough training before you can use them flawlessly. Again, unlike their electric competitors, these units require lots of babysitting and operator interaction.


Other important features to keep an eye on



If you’ll be holding the stabilizer for long, you’ll certainly want to go for a lightweight unit. This will allow you to hold it for some time without your arm/s fatiguing easily. On this note, check out its overall design especially the handlebars.


Weight capacity

While it’s important to consider a model that won’t put much strain on your muscles, you should ensure that the stabilizer is sturdy enough to hold your cameras. So put into consideration the weight of your camera before adding the stabilizer to your cart.


Do you record videos on-the-road?

If your video recording projects involve traveling around, you might want to consider portable stabilizers. Here, consider the size of the unit and how easy it is to tot around.


Quick-release and mounting mechanism

As an action recorder, you never know when the action begins. On the other hand, you can’t afford to lose even a single second of it. As such, give special consideration to a stabilizer that allows you to mount or remove the camera in a snap.



If you opt to go for a motorized stabilizer, check out how long its battery stays with a single charge. Again, consider the type of batteries it uses- rechargeable/non-rechargeable. This is vital especially if you’ll be traveling to remote locations. A model with a battery status indicator is a huge bonus!


Customer support

I’ll be honest with you here. Camera stabilizers are still new. Most of them still have tons of problems that affect their functionality. Even the best stabilizer for GoPro requires regular tweaking before delivering the wanted results. That said, you want to go for a brand with a responsive customer care team. This is an assurance that you’ll get help whenever you get stuck with the stabilizer.

Also, go for a stabilizer with a good warranty deal. You never know when you’ll want a replacement or a refund.


Top 7 Best Stabilizers for GoPro in 2017


7. Snoppa Go 3-Axis Gimbal stabilizer

SnoppaGo 3

Anyone looking for the best stabilizer for GoPro needs to check this one out. This is an outstanding 3-axis stabilizer that supports GoPro Hero3 and Hero4 with much ease. What I find so impressive about it is its compact and lightweight design.

Snoppa Go weighs around 0.65 pounds in weight without the batteries. Again, it measures 3.77 inches (L) by 3.34 inches (W). These dimensions make it a great tool for anyone who records on the go. On the same note, this stabilizer has a rubberized handle with superb grips for prolonged video shooting.

About performance, this GoPro gimbal uses 3 brushless motors coupled with advanced sensors. This combination offers 3300 worth of pan/tilt rotation and 1000 roll rotation. It also has several shooting modes for advanced video-shooting versatility; Lock, Omni Track, and Underslung modes. Snoppa uses 1 3400mAh battery. Amazingly, you get up to 5 hours of performance per battery. This will allow you enough time to capture enough of your clips even in the remotest places.



  • It’s lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Offers 5 hours of usage per battery


  • Takes time to mount the camera


6. REMOVU S1- best stabilizer for GoPro under 300


Removu S1 is one of the best GoPro gimbals for professional use. There’s so much to like about this stabilizer. First, this is amongst the most versatile units that I found for you. If you own several GoPro cameras- 5/4/3/ and 3+- you’ll love that they are all compatible with this stabilizer. As such, you won’t have to haul a bundle of stabilizers to match each of your GoPro.

Second, the S1 offers several other shooting options besides being handheld. Thanks to Removu’s creative design, this stabilizer is both wearable and mountable. You can easily detach the handle and attach the stabilizer to any of your GoPro’s mounting systems. Couple this versatility with Removu’s DC motors and rotary lenses, you get an irresistible stabilizer that you’ll never leave behind.

What’s more is that Removu S1 is rainproof. So light rain showers won’t stop your thing. Even better, this stabilizer has a wireless remote that can change the angle and modes and it’s also rechargeable.



  • Has an advanced design
  • It’s also wearable and mountable
  • It’s rainproof
  • Wireless remote control


  • Drains the battery fast
  • The motors are inconveniently loud
  • Requires regular factory calibration

5. Zhiyun Evolution

Zhiyun Evolution

Zhiyun Evolution comes 5th as our next best stabilizer for GoPro in 2017 reviews. In my opinion, this model is as versatile as Removu S1 above, and perhaps even better. Zhiyun is fully compatible with GoPro 3, GoPro 4, and Xiaomi Yi cameras. Its body is made of aluminum and has a good feel and look. It’s also lightweight and easily portable thanks to its small footprint.

There are several things that you might like about this stabilizer. First off, Zhiyun Evolution has an extendable charging cable for your GoPro. As such, you can finish your projects even when your cam’s battery has been drained out. Again, its mount is expandable. So you can install your LCD screen attachment too. You’ll also like its high-power torque motors and 3 shooting modes.


  • Charges your camera
  • Excellent stabilization performance
  • Offers AV output signal for your external monitor screen


  • Complaints about its durability




Evo GP-PRO is another one of the most famous GoPro stabilizers on the market today. An interesting feature with it is that it requires almost no set up. You can mount your camera on it and shoot cinematic-like videos right out of the box. Speaking of cameras, this is also one of the most versatile stabilizers available today.

It supports GoPro Hero5, 3, 3+, 4 (black and silver models), and several Garmin Virb models. It gets even more versatile by offering you several mounting options thanks to its ¼-20’’ thread. Moreover, it has a 3.5mm AV output. So you can view the videos from an external monitor. Like Zhiyun Evolution above, this model also supports several GoPro accessories including LCD BacPac and Battery Bacpac.



  • Easy to use out of the box
  • Works smoothly
  • Incredible versatility
  • Charges your camera
  • Great customer support


  • ON/OFF switch may be pressed accidentally


3. GoPro 3-in-1- Editor’s choice- best mechanical stabilizer for GoPro

Are you in need of the best stabilizer for GoPro that won’t cost you the earth? Well, this GoPro 3-way might be it. The main reason why I recommend this stabilizer is that it’s not only cheap, but it’s an official GoPro accessory.

This unit derives its name from its 3-in-1 construction design. First, you can fully extend the arms and use this stabilizer as an extension arm. This will help you in getting as close to the object as possible. You can also detach the handle and use it as a camera grip. Moreover, the handle houses a small, lightweight tripod that you can use on its own. Amazingly, you can also attach the extension arm to the tripod for added height.

Another key feature that I like about this stabilizer is that it’s mechanical. So you won’t be worrying about batteries and chargers. Even better, the absence of batteries makes it super lightweight and compact to haul wherever your GoPro goes. But what’s more interesting is that this stabilizer is wholly waterproof. As such, this is your best bet for kayaking, canoeing, boat rides, swimming, and snorkeling.


  • It’s a 3-in-1 tool
  • Mechanical- no batteries required
  • Waterproof
  • Incredibly durable
  • Extends to 20 inches and folds to 7.5 inches


  • Images aren’t as stable as the motorized models


2. Ikan FLY-X3-GO Gimbal Stabilizer

Ikan Fly-X3-GO is yet another great GoPro stabilizer that anyone on a tight budget would consider giving a short. Mind you, what I mean here is that it’s way affordable than other stabilizers that I came across.  I don’t mean that it’s cheaply made in any way whatsoever.

The most noticeable feature with Ikan is that it comes pre-programmed for immediate use. So there won’t be a lot of tweaking before you can start your projects. I also like its thoughtfully designed handle. It has an ergonomic design with sure grips that give you total control of pan, tilt, and roll. I also found it quite impressive to have all the controls within my palm. That’s not all. Ikan Fly-x3-go allows you to detach the gimbal and attach it to a selfie-stick. There’s also a 5-foot control cable for that purpose. To sweeten the deal, you get an unbeatable custom-made foam-padded carrying case for easy transportation.


  • It’s affordable
  • Comes ready to use out of the box
  • Mountable on a boom pole
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle with a good grip


  • It’s a bit heavy especially with the camera on


1. GoPro Karma Grip- Editor’s choice for the best motorized stabilizer for GoPro

The unmatched level of stabilization with GoPro Karma makes it a good stabilizer for different shooting scenarios. You can choose to mount it on your bike, on your backpack strap, or just hold it in your hand. Even better, you can detach it from the body and attach it to your Karma drone for pro-quality aerial footages. These options flag it off as the gimbal for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, mountaineering, and biking.

Thanks to its built-in camera controls, you can easily turn your GoPro on and off. These controls also let you initiate the recording feature and also add Highlight Tags while on the go. I would also like to mention its ergonomic handle that offers you a super grip on the fly. Also, GoPro Karma brings a whole load of accessories including GoPro harness, wrist lanyard, tie-down strap, and a mounting ring.



  • Comes with a weather-resistant case
  • Incredible video stabilization
  • Charge the stabilizer and the cam together
  • Amazing cam controls on the gimbal


  • Built-in battery is quite inconvenient since you can’t swap it
  • Battery takes time to charge

Editor’s choices

It was quite hard for me to choose the best stabilizer for GoPro between GoPro 3-in-1 and GoPro Karma. Luckily, the first one is mechanical while the second one is motorized. So I wouldn’t be wrong to walk away with the two.

What I like about these 2 models is that they are official GoPro accessories. As expected, these models beat other third party units in almost every aspect, hands down! Versatility is the thing with these 2 models. GoPro Karma, for instance, has built-in camera controls on its ergonomic handle. So you can tweak the performance details on the fly. Again, it fits in the hands comfortably and has incredible stabilization. There’s only 1 thing that I found quite inconvenient, though. You can’t replace the batteries once they are drained. You’ll need to find a socket and recharge them.

GoPro 3-in-1, on the other hand, doesn’t require any batteries. You can use it as a 50-inch camera extender, a camera grip, or as a tripod for your vlogs. Interestingly, it’s super cheap and waterproof.




The best stabilizer for GoPro boosts your video recordings to levels that you’d never have thought of before. It’s quite unbelievable how these units are able to eliminate shakes, blurring, and bouncing. So if you want to capture and record life scenarios as they really were, our list above won’t lack a unit or 2 for you. Again, if you got any questions or comments about the above models, drop them in the comments section.

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